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Perfinaze Anionic Liquid Dyes

PERFINAZE Liquid Direct Dyes are majorly used for uncoated, woodfree printing and writing paper, tissue and packaging grades. Our well-established range of direct dyes for the coloration of paper and board can be used in the coloration of uncoated, woodfree printing and writing grades and hygienic grades such as napkins and corrugated board materials either as single addition or in conjunction with other liquid dyes to achieve accurate on-line color control.

In addition to Direct Liquid Dyes, we offer selective range of PERFINAZE Basic Cationic Dyes in liquid form for best suitable for dyeing mechanical and waste-based furnishes.

Krishna Industries is among one of few liquid dyes manufacturers in India who produces range of anionic acid-liquid dyes, direct-liquid dyes and cationic basic-liquid dyes at single point location with strong R&D. We contstantly spend our efforts to get new futuristic products. We have developed Liquid KRIBOND LX Reactive Dyes and Jotzadope FX Liquid Acid Dyes for Digital Textile Printing Systems. Contact us for discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs.
For further information on Chemical Properties, MSDS, CAS no, CI no, EINECS(EC) no, REACh and other regulatory issues contact us on sales@krishnadyes.net