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KRIBOND Reactive Dyes

KRIBOND V.S. Dyes: Suitable for Dyeing & Printing

B-Sulflatoethyl Sulfone reactive dyes

Range of V.S. (Vinyl Sulphone) dyestuffs for cellulose fibers and their blends. These dyes are suitable for 60C exhaust dyeing and especially for continuous dyeing. These dyes are dischargeable.

KRIBOND H Dyes : Suitable for Printing

Monochlorotriazine reactive dyes

Low reactivity and low substantivity dyestuffs requires severe conditions for fixation with cellulosic materials. They are readily soluble by pouring water of 80-85C on power & strring well. They are applicable on cellulosic material by both dyeing as well as printing methods.
H dyes require either a long steaming time or a high thermofixation temperature (with urea) for optimum fization.
KRIBOND H dyes has very good fastness properties and suitable for printing on cotton, viscous, rayon and natural silk.

KRIBOND C Dyes : Suitable for Dyeing

Dichlorotriazine reactive dyes

High reactive and require milder conditions in dye fixation. They are primarily of interest in dyeing at normal room temperature at around 25-30C using soda ash or sodium bicarbonate.
The flexibility in application procedures and bright shades are main features of this dyes.

KRIBOND HE Dyes : Suitable for Exhaust Dyeing

Bis Monochlorotriazine reactive dyes

For Exhaust dyeing of cellulose fibers and its blends with synthetic fibers. They are carefully prepared to give high fixation by exhaust dyeing methods at 75-90C.

KRIBOND Supra HF Dyes : Suitable for Dyeing

Mixed Bi-functional reactive dyes

This special range contains low temperature high exhaust reactive dyes suitable for dyeing (padding) of cellulosic material. These dyes have excellent all round fastness properties including leveling.
The fixation temperature of these dyes is 45-60C.