Cosmetics Colors

SAFCOL Cosmetics and Toiletries Colors

Krishna offers FDA approved SAFCOL cosmetics and personal care colors. Our exclusive colors are formulated based on regulations and formulation properties.

Safocol water-soluble D&C colors and FD&C colors : For liquid products (e.g. shampoo, lotion) and products that are used around the mouth (e.g. face cream, lipstick).
Safcol water insoluble D&C/FD&C colors (i.e.Aluminum Lakes) and inorganic pigments: For solid products (e.g. cosmetics powders) and products that are used around the eyes.

It is recommanded that appropriate use of each colorant against each region's current cosmetic regulations. We offer a wide range of colours & pigments for that meet appropriate cosmetics legislation as applicable, namely that of US FDA, European Community, Japan or India.

We understand the importance of Particle Size Distribution(PSD) in cosmetics industry. It affects the reactivity, strength and physical properties of final formulation. Our products are consistent in shades and deliver user friendly results.

Major Applications :

Shampoos and conditioners
Bath soap and gels
Liquid soap and hand wash
Toothpaste (transparent, opaque, stripes)
Body lotions and creams
After shave cream/lotion
Make-up powder
Hair gel and oils
Nail paints & lacquers
Lip products : gloss, lipstick
Other powder & liquid make-ups

For more details on toilatries and cleaning products, visit Detergent and Soap Products.

For the convenience of end-users, krishna also offers either tailor-made blends giving the desired shade or single components.
Contact us for discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs.
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