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Colorant Services

We are not only one point source of colors, our dedicated color-team supports designers and color managers from the first inspiration throughout the entire supply chain. Our aim is to create the perfect product for our customers. Our solutions guarantee a fast, efficient and accurate color communication process to bring the inspirations into reality.

Custom Colorants : Dyes and Pigments

Do you have a specialized product or application that may require a custom formulated colorant or dye? Our technically trained sales team will listen closely to your needs and solve your problem. You'll get the right formulation offering the highest performance and value benefits.

We can customiize dye and create colors that you want to see. We can achieve desired fastness and right first time performance with consideration of the environmental footprint. Tailor-made colors are available on Leather, Cotton, Wool, Silk and Nylon substrates. Our tailor-made color program focuses on matching your desired specifications.

Shade Matching

Need to find the perfect match for your product so you can order the right colorant or dye? We provide a color match service for different kinds of substrates (cotton, nylon, paper, fur, silk and wool). Our Custom Color Matching process allows you to get the color you want under the light sources you require.

Just send us the reflectance data for a shade or product sample and we will match your shade and provide you a recipe recommendation. Our expert staff can help by developing the right color formula for your needs. Kindly Contact us to send a sample of what you need to matched.

Trouble Shooting

Have a color that is hard to identify? Our research and quality control laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, and is staffed by personnel trained in the color and chemical arts. We'll test the stability and suitability of our colorants in your product to find the right solution to your colorant specifications.

Serving International Market

Based in Ahmedabad, India, with additional serving centers across India. By providing technical support in Turkey, Europe and North America, Krishna provides service virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us for your colorant needs, and we'll recommend the product that best suits your performance, processing, and value requirements.

Performance through Innovation

Our new state-of-the-art laboratory will be capabile to provide breakthrough research and development results for the dyes & pigment industry in the years ahead.
This new center, equipped with cutting edge instrumentation, will support development of next generation colorants for numerous applications.