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Acid Dyes


Leather Dyestuffs - Wet End

JOTZADOPE Leather dyes can be used to dye all types of leather and on leather applications on upholstery, footwear, automotive products. Our black and brown leather dyes are the most appropriate for the numerous industrial/commercial applications. While our variety of chromatic dyes are highly suitable for fashion colours. The metal-free leather dyes and the iron-complex dyes in the range can be used for organic leathers.

For the wet-end sector Krishna offers an extensive range of conventional and newly developed range of leather dyes. JOTZADOPE leather drum dyes - contains acid dyes, metal-complex dyes, metal-free dyes and direct dyes.

Our research and development with application center always optimize processes for improvements on fastness and penetration.


- Ideal for drum dyeing or feed dyeing and spray dyeing
- Excellent compatibility and levelness offers shades of your choice
- Hightly suitable for computer color matching systems
- Very good penetration and fastness properties
- Good build-up, including retanned leather
- Compliance with European and German legislation on forbidden amines
- REACh Pre-registered colorants

We follow very strict and match demanding specifications of types of process or leathers i.e. Full chrome grain, Vegetable-tanned, Split, Suede, Nubuck, Top-grain, Nappa or Slink.

Our innovative solutions comes with range of Fur Colors(dyes) that offers seperate hues on both the sides.

All colors are for illusion purpose only. Please contact us to discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs.
For further information on Chemical Properties, MSDS, CAS no, CI no, EINECS(EC) no, REACh and other regulatory issues contact us on sales@krishnadyes.net

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Leather Finishing Dyestuffs - FL Dyes

Jotzadope Liquid anionic premetallized dyes for finishing and (top)drum dyeing. Our FL100 series are best highly concetrated metal complex liquid dyestuffs offering good fastness to light & PVC migration. For more details pls mail us on sales@krishnadyes.net