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High performance PERFINAZE dyes are well-established range of direct dyes for the coloration of cotton, paper and board to achieve excellent light fastness and good affinity to substance at economical cost.

Point Known as sunfast/light fast colors

Point Economical range of paper/textile dyes

Point Direct black 22 ideal for single bath exhaust dyeing of black shades

Point Standardized with narrow tolerances for reproducible shades

Point Meets requirements of major ecology standards

Point All dyes are available as dedusted powder

Point Selected dyes are available in liquids

Point Wide range of readily available matching shades

Our JOTZADOPE acid dyes contains metal free and metal complex dyestuffs. Jotzadope serves Leather, Nylon, Cotton, Carpet, Wool, Silk, Fur, Paper, Wood stains and preservatives, Detergents, Soaps, Polishes, Adhesives and Sealants, Agro and many other many industries.
Our Acid Black 210, Acid Black 1, Acid Orange 7, Acid Red 88, Red 73, Red 18 with range of Acid Brown colors are strongly demanding and quality products for leather/poyamide industries worldwide.

Point Medium to high fastness properties

Point Good penetration properties

Point Wide range of browns for leather/wood/polyamides

Point Specially developed dark black colors for leather

Point A broad range of applications

Point Compliant to industry specific regulations

These conventional dyes are commonly used for Cotton Dyeing & Printing. However, salt free dyestuffs can be used for inkjet printing.

Point KRIBOND 'C' Dyes
Point KRIBOND 'H' Dyes
Point KRIBOND 'HE' Dyes
Point KRIBOND 'VS' Dyes
Point KRIBOND 'Supra HF' Dyes

New Product Launch

Wide range of KRISOL Solvent Dyes for coloration of Petroleum derivatives, Oils, Fats, Polymers, Soaps, Shoe Polish and many more applications.