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Krishna's range of wood stain colors include water soluble and solvent soluble dyestuffs to protect wood and enhance its natural beauty. Our exclusive selection of colorants are formulated considering various important functionality and compatibility including opacity and UV protection for exterior finishings. Whether pine, redwood, cedar or pressure treated wood our high performance colors are ease of use and provides colors that suits your needs. We highly recommanded our dyes for luxurious interior and protective exterior stains.

For the convenience of end-users, Krishna also offers either tailor-made blends giving the desired shade or single components.

Contact us for discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs.
For further information on Chemical Properties, MSDS, CAS no, CI no, EINECS(EC) no, REACh and other regulatory issues contact us on sales@krishnadyes.net

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  Jotzadope Powder Dyes for Wood Stains in Waterborne Systems

Our Jotzadope ADW-P Dyes are homogeneous self metal-complex acid and direct dyes in powder form, soluble in organic solvents and exhibiting good all-round fastness properties. They have particularly good solubility in alcohols, ketones and esters, but are virtually insoluble in hydrocarbons.
Suitable for water-based faster-drying stains.

  JOTZADOPE Liquid Dyes for Wood Stains in Waterborne Systems

Our JOTZADOPE ADW-L Dyes are especially suitable for wood stains. They are liquid formulations, formulated using a special process and are supplied in a 1-methoxy-2-propanol or 1-ethoxy-2-propanol solution. The basic characteristics of our liquid dyes are good light fastness, good resistance to overcoating, very good compatibility with a wide range of solvents, good storage stability, low viscosity, fast drying, non-flamamable and ease of use. For indoor and outdoor use, ultrafine liquid for waterborne wood stains.

  KRISOL Powder Dyes for Wood Stains in Solventborne Systems

KRISOL SW-P Dyes are best suitable for larger and londer drying wood refinishing projects. With respect to pigmented stains, KRISOL metal-complex solvent dyes are readily solvent soluble and offer superior penetration without hiding the grain and often enhancing natural beauty.
They have excellent solubilities in polar organic solvents like alcohols, ketones and glycol ethers, as well as good overall fastness properties.

Products Chemical Class Shade Characteristics
KRISOL Yellow SW-P110
Metal Complex
Reddish yellow
KRISOL Yellow SW-P120
Metal Complex
Tri-chromatic component
KRISOL Orange SW-P130
Metal Complex
Redish yellower orange
Metal Complex
Tri-chromatic component
KRISOL Violet SW-P150
Metal Complex
Dark violet shade
Tri-chromatic component
Metal Complex
Pure Black