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Ink Colors

Toptint Ink Colors

Printing/Process Ink Colors
Process Pigments

Krishna offers range of Toptint Pigments specially made for process inks on account of their high tinctorial strength and good all-round fastness properties.

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Inkjet Ink Dyes


For inkjet inks Krishna has developed salt free dyestuffs that meets the most demanding specifications on various applications i.e. systems and substrates.

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Writing / Stationary Colors
Inkjet Colors

Contains anionic water soluble, solvent soluble dyes and pigments. We offer Safe (marker/sketch-pen) colors for children usages that meet FDA and EN/71 norms.

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Toner Colorants
Toner Colors

Toptint offers selective range of toner colors with good dispersibility and compatibility with toner resins. They are high strength organic pigments.

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