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SAFCOL Pharmaceutical Colors

Krishna offers regulated colors for pharmaceutical industry. With our SAFCOL brand we offer the broadest range of uniformed and ease of use colors for all types of drugs, including dyes, organic and inorganic pigments.

In addition, we provide wide range of colors for packaging industries for pharmaceutical, OTC & dietary supplements to food, beverage, cosmetic and chemical amongst other. Our FDA approved KRISOL FDC Colors are recommanded to use in coloration of films, blisters, plastic bottles, spoons, injections, nipples, droppers and many other applications.

SAFCOL Colors offer a variety of colors and application-side supports on coating systems to fit customers' specific product needs. Our strong technical expertise and customer service around the globe with tailored solutions are always at the lowest cost.

For the convenience of end-users, krishna also offers either tailor-made blends giving the desired shade or single components.
Contact us for discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs.
For further information on regulatory issues contact us on sales@krishnadyes.net

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