Jotzadope Tartrazine Yellow N

Acid Yellow 23

Forms Available
Krishna Industries manufactures different strengths for Acid Yellow 23 :
JOTZADOPE Tartrazine Yellow N Wetcake
JOTZADOPE Tartrazine Yellow N Crude
JOTZADOPE Tartrazine Yellow N STD

General Properties

Description Specifications
Color Index Number 19140
C.A.S. Number 1934-21-0
EC Number 217-699-5
Chemical Name Trisodium 1-(4-sulfonatophenyl)-4-(4-sulfonatophenylazo)-5-pyrazolone-3-carboxylate)
Molecular Formula C16H9N4Na3O9S2

Physical Properties

Description Specifications
Solubility Very Good
Insolubles -

Fastness Properties

Description Specifications
Light fastness Good-Very Good
Washing fastness -
Perspiration -

- Most suitable for Leather and as Food Color
- Applicable on Polyamides and other types of coloration.

- 25/50 kg HDPE Bags which are palletized, shrink wrapped.
- 25 kg HDPE Drums which are palletized, shrink wrapped.
- 25 kg Carton Boxs which are palletized, shrink wrapped.
- 500kg/1 ton Jumbo bag with inner liner, palletized, shrink wrapped.

- Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, out of direct sunlight.
- Keep away from sunlight and heat sources.
- Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid ingestion.

- Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Keep out of moisture.
- When using fork lift to load or lift the palletized bags, ensure that only competitive personnel are operating the forklift to avoid damage to the packing of the bags.

- Has harmful effect on skin and eye.
- After contact with skin and eye wash immediately with water. Avoid breathing the dust