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About Us

Krishna Industries is one of the leading Indian dyes manufacturer and dedicated to providing coloring solutions for Food, Cosmetics, Textiles, Leather, Paper, Food, Coating, Inks and Plastic.

Innovative and research based company with more than 38 years of dyestuffs manufacturing experiences. We are one of the pioneering companies in research and development of Food Colors, Acid dyes, Direct dyes & Reactive dyes in India with fully developed R&D center & in ahmedabad, India.

In recent years, We have added Optical brightening agents, Organic Pigments, Textile Thickening agents and Solvent Dyes in to our portfolio for demanding markets.


The product range covers :

    JOTZADOPE Acid Dyes
    PERFINAZE Direct Dyes
    KRIBOND Reactive Dyes
    KRISOL Solvent Dyes
    ONEWHITE Optical Brightening Agents
    SAFCOL Food Dyes
    TOPTINT Pigments Dispersions

Our all colors fulfill requirements of european-german legislation on forbidden amines and industry specific regulatory requirements.
Our Acid Dyes & Direct Dyes are 'REACh' pre-registered.


Developed KRIBOND OSX High Performance Reactive dyes for dyeing and printing.